Darla is in a quandary; she’s being badgered about showing no interest in motherhood and is frustrated that so many of her friends (and her mother) assume she won’t find fulfilment in life unless she has kids. Added to this, she’s preoccupied with thoughts of a girl she never kissed when she was sixteen and is vacillating about whether she should reveal her bisexuality to her long-term boyfriend. Dropping by the launderette run by her Auntie Ruby and partner Lucy, she confides in the older woman, receiving much needed wisdom and advice.

Dealing with the developing attitudes to subjects across generations – bisexuality, childfree women, marriage, patriarchy & class – “Non-Bio” offers up food for thought in an entertaining, funny, and poignant way as we watch Darla’s dawning realisation of the path she wants to take.

This play has been devised as a site-specific piece to be performed in a working launderette. Our actors will interact with the setting, using the washing machines and tumble dryers with actual dirty laundry. It is designed to be a unique, intimate and hyper-real experience. 

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