If you are offered a job below the accepted BECTU ratecards, you can send a text message to other editors using EditAlert, asking them to not take this job. The aim of this service is to push back against unfair rates by uniting against them. 

The BECTU ratecard can be found here … http://www.theroughassembly.com/resources/

EditAlert is for Editors, Assembly Editors, VFX Editors, and Assistant Editors across Feature Films, Television Drama and Factual & Entertainment programmes. Some other production departments have their own similar systems. Departments that are faithful to these systems see their rates and working conditions improve. 

The EditAlert service is managed by BECTU Post Production and Facilities Branch members. By signing up to EditAlert you agree for us to share your contact details with BECTU who may contact you about this from time to time. 

We encourage all users to be members of BECTU. http://bectu.co.uk


Subscribe to EditAlert

BECTU members of the Post Production & Facilities Branch can subscribe to EditAlert using this web-form … https://goo.gl/forms/6ArczHU27CbbyfIt1

Non-BECTU members can also subscribe to EditAlert using this web-form ... https://goo.gl/forms/PnVVrXNE6vTxT63v2 ... however, you need to be verified by a BECTU member by supplying their name, phone number, and membership number, as well as a link to your own IMDB credits page to verify your job role. 

Please note that new members are added periodically, not immediately, so please bare with us.

Once you are signed up, you will receive the EditAlert phone number to send alerts to. Please save this number in your phone to send alerts to. 


To Send an Alert

If you receive a job offer for less than the union rates, you can send a text message to the EditAlert phone number (which you received in a txt when you subscribed) and this information will be forwarded on to all users.

Please tell us ...

  • Is this FACT&ENT or TVDRAMA or FILM
  • Name of the producer/line producer offering the job
  • Name of the production company
  • Name of the production
  • Job role
  • The rate offered
  • The desired rate as it appears on the ratecard 

Messages must be formatted like this ...

TVDRAMA, Producer John Doe, Carousel Films, Uptown Alley. Assistant Editor offered - £900, ratecard - £1125.

Please check the rate-cards before sending an alert - http://www.theroughassembly.com/resources/

(Please note, we are currently updating the Feature Films rate card for 2017 - only after this is complete can alerts for Feature Films be sent out)


Unsubscribe to EditAlert

To unsubscribe simply text STOP to the EditAlert phone number.